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We are MechaKnights, a FTC robotics team from Francis Lewis High School that is located in Queens, New York. We are aiming to raise $800 for our next season's competition that will be taking place in mid-November. This year is our first year in robotics. We didn't plan to reach out to any companies for sponsorships this season because we didn't have enough time and we were unfamiliar with contacting companies to provide us support with our goal. Because of this, we had difficulties getting equipment, team hoodies, and the parts needed to build our robot. Most of our robot consists of used materials that were handed down used during last year's competition. During our class time, we had to look at every corner of the room to pick up dropped nuts and screws from the floor because we have to share supplies with 6 other teams in our school. Due to our tight budget, we are hoping to reach out to people for support.


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